Privacy Policy

Ferry Sunflower Limited understands the value of personal information, and believes that it is an important social responsibility to appropriately manage that information based on the "Laws Regarding Protection of Personal Information".
To protect personal information in a manner suitable for the personal information we have received, Ferry Sunflower has established a system to protect private information to ensure that we protect any personal information which you provide us. Ferry Sunflower will observe the laws and other regulations regarding the protection of personal information in this process. In addition, Ferry Sunflower has established the following Privacy Policy. Ferry Sunflower employees shall observe this policy when handling and managing personal information.

  • Ferry Sunflower shall appoint a Personal Information Protection Manager, and shall strive to appropriately manage Personal Information.
  • Ferry Sunflower shall obtain personal Information with legal and fair methods. The utmost caution shall be taken so that any acquired Personal Information is used within the prescribed range.
  • Ferry Sunflower shall appropriately and carefully manage any acquired Personal Information. Information Security measures shall be implemented to prevent illegal access, loss, damage, modification or leaking of Personal Information.
  • If management of Personal Information must be commissioned to an outside contractor, Ferry Sunflower shall implement appropriate measures to manage the Personal Information, ensure confidentiality and prevent disclosure, and to prevent Personal Information from being leaked, etc.
  • Ferry Sunflower respects the rights of the person volunteering the Personal Information. If the person volunteering the Personal Information requests disclosure, revision, stop of use, or deletion of the said information, such request shall be swiftly handled within a rational range.
  • Ferry Sunflower shall continuously review and improve our internal management system for Personal Information, and shall strive to maintain appropriate management.