Night cruise

Night cruise

Spend two nights onboard the ferry and enjoy half a day at your destination.
A return ticket costs from 10,000JPY per person.

Cruise Schedule


The ferry departs in the evening or at night.
day1 Sleep onboard the ferry


The ferry arrives the next morning.

Enjoy half a day at your destination.At all of our destinations you can enjoy shopping,sightseeing,dining or relaxing in one of many natural hot springs.

day2 Sleep onboard the ferry



*Time varies depending on the day and departure port. Please refer to timetable.


  • During the peak season these rates do not apply.
  • Please make a reservation by 5:00 pm of the Japan time of the day before on the departure date.
  • Please pay in full at the boarding gate on the day of departure.
  • You cannot change your return date. It must be the day after the departure date. We will not refund a return fare.
  • You may not change the type of room you have booked on the date of departure.
  • The outward and return routes are the same.
  • We may check your passport.

Fares (Round trip)

Room type 1 Adult Children(6 to 12 years)
Tourist room 10,000JPY 5,000JPY
Tourist bed room
(Osaka↔Beppu/Osaka↔Shibushi routes)
12,340JPY 6,160JPY
Private bed (Kobe↔Oita route only) 14,400JPY 7,200JPY

To reserve a Night cruise

Please send an e-mail to :

The items of a passenger (including fellow passengers) below, will be required to make a reservation.

  • Name (passenger and fellow passengers)
  • Age (passenger and fellow passengers)
  • Sex (passenger and fellow passengers)
  • Point of departure (Osaka Nanko port Terminal1/ Kobe Rokko Island ferry port/ Osaka Nanko port Terminal2/ Beppu Kanko port / Oita port / Shibushi port)
  • Destination (Osaka Nanko port Terminal1 / Kobe Rokko Island ferry port / Osaka Nanko port Terminal2 / Beppu Kanko port / Oita port / Shibushi port)
  • Class of room
  • Number of Adults, Children (6-12 years), Infants (0-5 years) travelling.
  • About your vehicle(how many vehicles/length/displacement volume).
    In the case of a bicycle, please write whether to park on the car deck or bring it to the room.
  • Departure day * Your return date must be the day after your departure date.
  • Phone number
  • City where you live in