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Privacy Policy

Established: February 12, 2010
Atsushi Igaki, President

(1) About privacy policy

FERRY SUNFLOWER LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as our company) recognizes the importance of personal information and considers that implementing its appropriate management on the basis of "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" is an important societal responsibility for our company.

We continue to render the efforts necessary for the suitable protection of personal information, such as by considering the property of personal information to be handled, our company complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information as well as other rules, and consolidates the protection system of personal information, and at the same time, sets up the following privacy policy. Further, our company's executive officers and staff comply with this policy when handling and managing personal information.

  • Our company appoints the Administrator for Protection of Personal Information, and strives for the suitable protection of personal information.
  • Our company acquires personal information through legitimate as well as righteous methods, and pays maximum attention so that the acquired personal information is used within the utilization purposes that have been clearly indicated in advance.
  • Our company manages the acquired personal information suitably and in a careful manner. Moreover, our company implements information security countermeasures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information as well as loss, damage, falsification and leak, etc. of personal information.
  • In the case of outsourcing the handling of personal information, our company lets the outsourcing company implement suitable management, so as to prevent leak of personal information, etc., such as management, maintenance of confidentiality, and prohibiting reprovision of personal information.
  • Our company shows respect for the rights of information source/entity regarding personal information, and when disclosure, correction, suspension of use, or elimination, etc. about the contents of own personal information is requested by the information source/entity, our company promptly takes action within the rational range.
  • Our company continuously reviews and improves the internal management system regarding protection of personal information, and strives to ensure suitable management.

Further, our company is implementing the approach of items (2) and (3) to strictly protect customers' information handled by our company, based on the above-mentioned privacy policy.

(2) About handling of personal information

Acquisition purpose of personal information and its utilization

The personal information of customers is acquired and utilized to surely carry out our company's service, and to develop better services and products in the future, or for the time when it becomes necessary to make contact with customers for some reason, as follows.

  • For our company to utilize in the service to be provided to customers, and to make contact with customers, as needed
  • For our company to investigate availability, utilization purpose, and usage situation of the facilities, products, discount system, etc., for the purpose of improving the level of customer satisfaction
  • For our company to accurately notify and provide information about a change in services as well as the special plans, products, discount system, etc.

Customers can opt to not be provided with the partial information. However, doing so may hinder them from using certain parts of our company's service.

Method of acquiring personal information

At the following occasions, our company acquires personal information from customers by the internet, telephone, postal mail, meeting, etc., and then stores and utilizes the same as personal data for the above-mentioned purposes.

  • Reservation of boarding, sales of boat tickets and various procedures at boarding, entry in a boarding list, provision of inboard service
  • Order receipt / sales of other products and services
  • Provision of various services for users of internet reservation
  • Operation of the membership system services, such as Setonaikai Club, Himawari Card, Sunflower Card, and Club Sunflower
  • Implementation of the guidance, communication, survey, and investigation regarding our company's various services and products
  • Operation of campaigns, events, and prizes
  • Response to inquiries, requests, etc.

When the personal information of customers is to be acquired for the purpose other than the above, the personal information shall be limited to a minimum, after clarifying the purpose and contents.

Contents of personal information to be acquired

Information to be provided is mainly as follows.

  • Full name, sex, date of birth, age
  • Residence address, TEL/FAX No., e-mail address
  • Full name, age, contact information, etc. of all fellow passengers
  • Occupation, name of workplace, department, appointment
  • Workplace address, TEL/FAX No., e-mail address
  • Credit card number, validity, etc.
  • Course name of boarding, date, place of boarding/disembarkation, class of use, purpose, usage contents of discount system
  • Reply to a questionnaire, etc.

Disclosure or provision of personal data to third party

Except for the case that corresponds to any of the following, our company shall not disclose or furnish the personal information of customers to any third party.

  • In the case where the agreement of the customer is obtained
  • In the case where price settlement is required for the purchase of boat tickets and/or products, etc. (For confirming legitimacy of the bank account, etc. and effectiveness of the credit card)
  • In the case where disclosure or provision is requested on the basis of laws and regulations
  • In the case where it is necessary to cooperate in order that the national government or local government performs public office work, and also where there is high possibility of disturbing relevant office functions, if the agreement of customers is required
  • In the case of emergency, such as a fatal situation to humans, etc., and when obtaining the customer's agreement is difficult
  • In the case where the contract has been concluded with a subcontractor, etc. in advance, that personal information shall not be utilized for other purposes than the services that have been entrusted by our company
  • In the case where business succession is performed owing to merger, company split-up, transfer of business, or other reasons

Shared use of customers' personal data

Our company performs the shared use of the name, tel no., address, and e-mail address, etc. among the customers' personal data held by our company, with the following members of our group of companies, for communication purposes with customers. These companies may utilize the personal data for business guides, guidance of plans, and products of the respective companies.

  • Kanki Kotsu K.K.
  • Beppu Port Service, Ltd.
  • Sunflower Marine Service K.K.

Reference, change, deletion of personal information

Regarding disclosure of personal data held by our company, or correction, addition, suspension of use, etc., or stopping provision to third parties of the contents, please contact the following department. Upon confirming the proof of identical person, our company will take the necessary measures based on the laws and regulations, etc.

a) Inquiry destination / application destination regarding personal information:

3-21 Koyocho Higashi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, 658-0031Japan
Staff in charge of Personal Information, Sales Planning Unit, Passenger Sales Department, FERRY SUNFLOWER LIMITED
TEL: +81-(0)78-857-5470 FAX: +81-(0)78-857-9535
(9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays; public holidays, year-end, and New Year holidays are excluded.)

b) Application procedure:

In the case of making application, enter the necessary matters in the following application form, and include the document for confirming the proof of identical person of the customer or agent, as well as 500 yen per case of administrative fee. Then, send it to the above-mentioned contact point via registered postal cash envelope.
Application form (By clicking, the application form is opened.)

(Document for confirming the proof of identical person)

  • Copy of the customer's public certificate, such as a driver's license, passport, health insurance card (In the case of the agent)
  • Authorization letter from the customer to the agent
  • Certificate of a seal impression of the customer (entruster)
  • Copy of the agent's public certificate, such as a driver's license, passport, and health insurance card
  • In the case of an attorney, the document that can prove identity as being the attorney

c) Precautions regarding the application

  • Be sure to use the predetermined application form, and enter the necessary matters (including a seal (impress)). If the application form is not used, or a missing item exists, the application is not acceptable.
  • All expenses for acquiring the confirmation documents required for the application shall be borne by the customer applying as identical person.
  • Regarding the confirmation documents, etc. sent for application, our company will promptly shred them and discard, after finishing the procedures.

(3) Handling of information on the website

Cookies and/or other similar technologies

To analyze the usage situation on the website, or to provide further customized services for individual customers in the membership service, etc., our company may use cookies (*1) and/or other similar technologies.
Cookies are utilized for statistical analysis, etc. as anonymized information, and in addition, may be associated with information that identifies the customer at the membership services, etc., to provide further customized services.

Security technology for protecting personal information

For the safety measure upon collecting customers' personal information, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology is used. By this technology, web-based data are encrypted, and leakage can be prevented. Further, to prevent leakage, appropriation, falsification, etc., of personal information owing to unauthorized access by third parties, our company has been making efforts to ensure the safety of customers' personal information, by taking measures such as installing firewall, computer virus countermeasures, and other rational security measures.

In the case of browsing on the website

When customers utilize our company's website, we may utilize cookies so that they can use our services in a comfortable way. For browsing with mobile phones, we may utilize individual ID numbers (*2). By changing the settings of browsers in use, customers can invalidate association with anonymous browsing information from the cookies, by rejecting the receipt of cookies and the data having similar functions. However, in that case, utilization of services via the website may not be possible. Thank you in advance.


This privacy policy is applied to the utilization of our website, and although it also introduces other websites to provide information and services useful for customers, it is not applicable to other companies' websites.

*1: Cookies
It denotes the system to temporarily write and store data in the customers' computers via the browser, and it is the technology to enable identification of the previous usage situation of the utilization terminal from the web server side, when a customer has accessed the same website again. Our company uses customers' personal information only for the purpose of safely controlling information transfer at the transition of the internet reservation screen, and collection of the customers' personal information is not performed.

*2: Individual ID number
It denotes specific information such as the model number, manufacturer's serial number of a mobile phone, etc. Personal information such as the full name, address of the mobile phone's contractors, etc. cannot be identified.