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Our Ship

The Sunflower offers elegant cabins and amenities just as you would find at a fine hotel.
We hope you enjoy the panoramic views of sea and sky.

  • A View from the Ship

    Experience the changing seascape from the ship's deck. Sail under three major bridges and witness the enchanting hot springs upon arriving in Beppu. Exclusive views only at sea!

  • Enjoyable Spaces for Traveling

    Select from diverse rooms – Japanese or Western, with or without windows, shared or private. Enjoy onboard events and projection mapping shows in public spaces.

  • Convenience

    Save travel time and costs with our overnight voyages between Kansai and Kyushu. Wake up at your destination.

Route and Timetable

Kansai - Kyushu

Explore convenience with three daily ferry routes connecting Kansai to Kyushu. Travel times range from 10 to 15 hours, providing a variety of room choices to suit your needs. Enjoy meals, a large bath, and the journey on our well-equipped ship.

Life Onboard

  • Cabins

    Indulge in luxury while gazing at the sea. Various cabin options available.

  • Restaurant

    Cuisine featuring local ingredients and seasonal produce, served in a buffet style.

  • Shop

    A gift shop offering Sunflower original products and local specialties.

Complimentary Facilities

  • Panoramic Public Bath

    Relax and recharge while enjoying an ocean vew.

  • Kids' Space

    At the Kids' Space, children can enjoy freely with toys and anime movies.

  • Projection Mapping Show

    Dazzling ceiling projections make your sea journey extraordinary!


Experience the beauty of Kyushu's nature and explore Kansai's attractions, all in one journey.



Room Availability Inquiry and Internet Booking

Web Reservation

Please be sure to review the Internet Booking Terms and Conditions before making your reservation.

Phone Reservations

Weekends and Holidays:

0120-56-3268 (Domestic calls only)