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From booking to boarding

From booking to boarding


Bookings can be made up to three months prior to the date of departure.
Bookings by email are accepted.
If you book our ferry after 14:00 on departure day, your reservation will not applied "Go To Travel Campaign" discount.

Departure day
  • Boarding starts one hour before departure.
  • Make sure you arrive one hour before departure. Boarding may not be permitted if you arrive within 30 minutes of your departure time.
  • Fill out the passenger information sheet provided at the boarding gate, and submit it to a ferry representative. This information sheet must be completed for all reservations, including those made by email.
    If you have a ticket coupon issued by a travel agency, you will have to exchange it for a same-day ticket.
  • Please purchase a ticket at the boarding gate. If you have ticket coupons for cars and passengers, you will need to exchange them at the boarding gate to receive your boarding passes. To purchase tickets, cash or credit cards are accepted.
  • We accept the following credit cards and affiliated cards.
  • On your departure day, please show your credit card and your passenger information sheet at the boarding gate.
  • Only one-time payments are accepted.
  • Only Japanese yen will be accepted for cash payments.

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Cancellation Policy

If you have to change or cancel your reservation, please contact us immediately.

Cancellation charges

7 days before departure(*1) : ¥200
6 to 2 days before departure : 10% of ticket fare
Day of departure : 30% of ticket fare
After departure : 100% of ticket fare

*1 This doesn't include the day of departure.
*2 No refunds will be made after departure.