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Fares / Discounts

Special offers

We have various discounts available, except during peak seasons. There is a fare plan with cars, motorcycles, bicycles and pets. Please let us know the conditions of your trip.

The round-trip discount Student discount
10% 20%

The peak seasons

12/24-12/30 (applied regular fare), 12/28-12/30 (applied peak seasons fare)

1/2-1/4 (applied regular fare), 1/2-1/3 (applied peak seasons fare)

* The round-trip discount applies only to the return fare.
* Only one discount per person/reservation.

The normal fares without any discount

Fares revised October 1 2021- December 31 2021

Division Class Regular fare (peak seasons)
Passenger Tourist 12,340JPY (13,150JPY)
Tourist bed 16,000JPY (16,820JPY)
Tourist bed 4-person occupancy 17,430JPY (19,260JPY)
Standard single room 19,060JPY (22,730JPY)
Standard double-occupancy room 18,860JPY (21,910JPY)
First 20,490JPY (22,930JPY)
Deluxe single 27,820JPY (30,670JPY)
Deluxe 28,430JPY (31,280JPY)

Fares revised January 1 2022- March 31 2022

Division Class Regular fare (peak seasons)
Passenger Tourist 12,960JPY (13,770JPY)
Tourist bed 16,620JPY (17,440JPY)
Tourist bed 4-person occupancy 18,050JPY (19,880JPY)
Standard single room 19,680JPY (23,350JPY)
Standard double-occupancy room 19,480JPY (22,530JPY)
First 21,110JPY (23,550JPY)
Deluxe single 28,440JPY (31,290JPY)
Deluxe 29,050JPY (31,900JPY)